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We’ve been learning about mass in 1/2LK. This week we did a scavenger hunt around our classroom and used scales as a measuring tool to help us. We’ve been practicing using scales and our heads to work out what is heavy and what is light. We also know that this changes all the time. Like we are heavy compared to a mouse, but you compare humans to elephants we are light!

Mass is the weight of something. You weigh things in kilograms and grams or pounds and ounces (in England or America, sometimes in recipes or when you’re talking about the weight of babies). In Australia we mostly use grams and kilograms and milligrams. There are 1000 grams in a kilogram and 1000 milligrams in gram.

Today the Odds thought long and hard about why we need to know about mass. Here are our ideas –

Here we are trying to work on an open ended problem – The pan scales have a book on one side and 2 objects on the other. They are balance. What might the two objects be?

We need to know what is heavy and what is light. Taj

If you want to weigh something and you don’t know what mass is you can’t find out how heavy it is Tom C

When we are older it will be good to know about mass. Milly

We need mass when we are cooking so we know how much we need to put in and we can measure it. Tom V

As we grow up we need to know how light something is and how heavy something is. Like when we are shopping at the supermarket. Leila

Sometimes people want to know how much they weigh. George

If you are a builder you need to know about mass to help build strong houses. Caspian

When I grow up I want to be a cook and I need to know about weight so I don’t make yukky cakes by putting in too much butter. Claudia

and the Evens –

We used balance scales to weigh lots of different things for our scavenger hunt. The trickiest task was to find two object that weigh the same as a book. It’s not as easy as it sounds! We tried LOTS of different things and LOTS of different books. We discovered that uno cards and a pencil weight the same as a Dr Seuss book. Two packs of uno cards and an Ivy and Bean book also worked.

“When I was working with Allister we were looking for something the same weight as a magnetic letter – it was more fun than I thought.” Joel

“I learnt that it wasn’t as easy to find two things that weighed the same as a book.” Ruby

“I learn with Josh that a pack of hotwheels cards and a pack of animal cards had a different size but same mass.” Ben

“I thought the test was really challenging. That made it fun.” Liam

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I love how already kids are identifying how they can put this Mathematical knowledge into everyday situations – fantastic to see!

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