Fish Classification with Dan Borg


Posted by rylee26 | Posted in Integrated Studies | Posted on October 25, 2013

On the last day of term 3, Dan Borg visited 1/2C, 1/2K and 1/2L to share the work that he does as a water scientist.

We learned that scientists catch fish with: a net, a fishing rod and with an electric rod.

He also taught us to use a key to identify different creatures by looking at characteristics such as colour, shape, whether it has legs and whether it can swim. We even got to observe real fish that Dan caught locally and brought it to show us.

Thanks to Dan for teaching us do much about being a water scientist and for making our learning so fun!












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Looks like a lot of fun! I’d love to find out more about how the ‘electric rod’ works – not something I’ve heard of before!

Thanks SamL! From what I remember Dan saying, they use an electric rod to stun the fish in order to classify the species that live in a certain area. The full term is electro-fishing. Not sure if that helps; maybe Dan will see this thread and be able to enlighten us further.

That’s quite a clever idea!

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