Paper water cups


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Here in 1/2L and K we’ve been making awesome origami water cups. It was a nice, quite, calm activity to do on the first hot afternoon of spring. We folded our cups from a square of paper and then we got to test them out at the drinking taps. They actually worked! It was so cool!!

“The cups were an awesome thing to make.” Bonnie 

“My cup got so wet.” Taj

“My cup was a success!” Elliot

“My cup got drenched, then ripped. I enjoyed it anyway.” Maddy

“Mine ripped on the bottom and the water fell through.” Theo

“When we made the cup, I felt excited about testing it out.”Ellison

“The cup made the water taste terrible after you’d drunk out of it once.” Romy

“My cup got very wet but I’m going to reuse it.” Leon

“I got a bit confused when I was making it but I worked out how to fold it the right way.” Lola

“My cup was soaked!” George

“I rated it 7 out of ten.” Vas

“I enjoyed making the cup and I give it ten out of ten.” Henry W

“I got really frustrated when I was making the cup but I kept trying and in the end I got it right.” Edwin 


If you’d like to have a got at home, click on the link and follow the instructions. It’s easy! And fun!



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