Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Posted by moya | Posted in Integrated Studies | Posted on September 19, 2013

Today the Suns group were with Moya to finish off our science water rotations. We learnt about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch which was discovered in 1997. The Garbage patch is a big collection of plastic rubbish floating in the pacific ocean, somewhere between California, Hawaii & Japan. It is where most of the rubbish from land and the ocean ends up. We learnt that 80% of the rubbish is from land (us!) and 20% is from sea traffic. It is huge, twice the size of Texas to be precise. Gigantic! All the rubbish got there because of the circular currents called gyres. It’s really bad for animals as they think it is food and they eat it. We think it’s a big problem and would like to help stop it.

We watched this video too – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Think back to 1997 – you find the garbage patch, what would you do? We came up with these ideas that we would pass on to people from the past (they also help us now too!) –

  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Recycle things when we can
  • Reuse old things when we do craft
  • Put our rubbish in the bin and clean up rubbish when we see it. Use a recycling bin when we see one.
  • Choose tap, drink tap water from reusable bottles.
  • Use reusable containers in our lunches
  • Use plastics that are biodegradable
  • Learn more!

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