1/2 Comic Capers


Posted by rylee26 | Posted in Art and Craft, English | Posted on September 18, 2013

On Tuesday the 10th of September, Matthew Magain (Sophia’s Dad) visited 1/2C to teach us about making comics.

We learned about:

  1. Frames (the squares that comics are drawn in).
  2. Gutters (the spaces between the frames).
  3. How time can pass between different frames (see the tennis ball pictures).
  4. Different types of speech bubbles and how we can use them in our comics.
  5. Facial expressions (we had a great go at practising lots of different facial expressions as we moved around the room).
  6. How to draw box people.


We are so excited to make our own class comic and are currently drafting our pages this week. Stay tuned for more comic fun.

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