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Posted by Lauren | Posted in English | Posted on September 17, 2013

Today in 1/2LK we watched Charlotte’s web, on the projector in Moya’s room. We watched it because Moya’s class read the book last term AND then they got six class plus ones. Luckily for 1/2K we always do things together so both classes got to watch it!

The movie is about a spider (Charlotte) who tries to save a pig (Wilbur) from being turned into bacon. The animals in the barn where Wilbur lives, and his human friend Fern all join in to help save Wilbur because they love him.

It was a bit sad in the middle (we won’t tell you why) but we all enjoyed it. We thought the voices of the animal characters were great. In particular, we really liked the cute, funny, little voices of the baby spiders. We thought Tempelton the rat was rude but funny. The escape scene was a bit different to the way it happened in the book. We loved the part where the baby spider’s hatched and when the rat says he’s handsome in the mirror – we laughed! The movie made similar pictures in our head to the book, we recommend you watch it.

It was a lovely way to celebrate the end of an enormous term!


Charlotte, Joel, Maddy, George, Ella, Amelia



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My first movie experience as a child was going to the local ‘drive in’ with my parents to watch the original Charlottes Web movie. I remember crying a little when she died. How did you feel when Charlotte died?

I love Charlotte’s Web

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