Roald Dahl’s Birthday Cupcakes


Posted by Lauren | Posted in English | Posted on September 16, 2013

Here in 1/2LK we made cupcakes to celebrate Roald Dahl’s Birthday which happens on the 13th of September, every year. Roald Dahl is dead now but if he was still alive he would be 96. We love his books so much thought we would still celebrate his birthday.

But we didn’t just make any cupcakes, we made Mrs Twit’s glass eyeball cupcakes! We used white icing for the eyeball, green icing for the iris and and licorice to make the pupil. Gross but cool! We had lots of lovely grown ups helping us – thank you grown ups!

“We made eyeball cupcakes to celebrate Roald Dahl day.” Tom Mc

“I love the taste of the cupcakes.” Milly

“When it was all sloppy, I felt like drinking the whole bowl.” Leila

“I wish I was magic so I could make us hundreds of cupcakes.” Will

“I like the way Roald Dahl’s characters are really horrible.” Mira

“I liked the lemon icing around the green icing.” Vas

“I think when we made the cupcakes we all had fun.” Yasmin

“ The cupcakes tasted dahl-icious.” Claudia (and Will)

“We made cupcakes because it was Roald Dahl’s birthday.” Lydia

“We made cupcakes that looked like Mrs Twit’s glass eyeballs. ”Lola

“I loved making the cupcakes and I think they tasted Roald Dahl great!” Nat

“I learnt it was Roald Dahl’s birthday today.” Joel

“They were scrumdidliumptious!” Mungo

“The mixture looked like a bowl of melted chocolate.” Sam

“I liked how everyone followed instructions.” Maddy

“I liked having the grown ups in to help us make the cupcakes.” Imogen

“I enjoyed making cupcakes with grown-ups and watching the mixture go all chocolatey.” Edwin

“Thank you for letting us make cupcakes.” Edwin

“I like cupcakes and Roald Dahl books.” Amelia

“I like books more than cupcakes.” Nicholas

“I like Roald Dahl books because he uses great words.” Poppy

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They look nice

That sounds like so much fun when i was in grade 1/2 I loved Roald Dahl too.

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