One Two’s Wild Adventures


Posted by Lauren | Posted in Integrated Studies | Posted on September 16, 2013

The one twos of Bell Primary packed their bags and jumped on the bus, ready for a fun filled day at the Latrobe Wildlife Sanctuary. After a relatively short drive up Plenty Road we arrived full of happiness and excitement! Andrew from the Sanctuary was there waiting for us, along with our parent/grandparent volunteers.

After we ate morning tea and broke up into class groups we for a  lovely stroll through the regrown River Red Gum forest. We saw kangaroos (some of us), some very big old trees (one of them had a scar from the Wurrundjeri people who used the bark to make a raft and the branch looked like a rhino), centipedes and millipedes, a very old car, rainbow lorikeets nesting in trees, ducks, animal poo, wonderful wetlands and beautiful spring flowers. After that we fished for water creatures with dip-nets, designed our own wetland (on paper), practised talking to frogs, learnt about different types of pollution and how long they take to break down, we  looked through microscopes to identify freshwater invertebrates, went on a wildflower walk and we ate our lunch in the Ironbarks Hut.

After a lovely day in the outdoors we hopped on the bus full of chatter but a little bit tired. Before we knew it we’d zoomed back to school. Thanks to all our fabulous helpers and volunteers, we loved having you enjoy the experience with us!

“When we looked under the mats most people saw a skink but I didn’t get to. ” Maddy

“1/2L’s teacher at the Sanctuary was called Mac. ” Ben

“I caught two tadpoles and three bloodworms in my dip-net.” Amelia

“When I looked under the microscope I think I found a giant backswimmer, a tiger beetle and lots of other tiny bugs swimming around.” Sam K

“We saw heaps of kangaroos while we were walking through the sanctuary.” Eve

” Birds were flying around my head.” Arel

“I enjoyed it and I know everybody else did too. We haven’t stopped talking about it.” Jacinta

“Andrew told us to walk like a chicken to not make it too dusty, so Tom and I were singing walk like chicken, instead of walk like an egyptian.”  Liam K

“On the bus on way there I was thinking about what it would look like and what we were going to do.” Lily

“When we went on the bus, I felt sad we were leaving but happy because I had enjoyed myself so much.” Bonnie

“I enjoyed using the microscopes and I even saw kangaroos as we drove out on the bus.” Henry

“When we were walking I could hear the wind blowing softly.” Mira

“I enjoyed doing all the activities, my favourite was fishing with the dip-nets.” Tom Mc

“When we were fishing with the nets I caught a tadpole.” Kyan

“I couldn’t wait to get there, I nearly died with excitement.” Emily

“I liked looking at all the insects and bugs that were under the mats.” Lydia

” I enjoyed the talking like a frog.” Tom C

“We heard lots of frogs throughout the day.” Ruby

“I liked looking in the microscopes.” Jessie

“I learnt there was an insect called a backswimmer. I identified him by using the invertebrates sheet.” Joel

“I caught a bloodworm. It was red.” Abby



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