Music Resumes As Normal


Posted by Andrew Williamson | Posted in Music | Posted on September 16, 2013

Three classes of grades 1 and 2s enthusiastically participated in music today and it was great to be able to sing to a different tune. After and term and a half of “Cow On A Bus” rehearsals, the students and I were happy to sings some different song. The learning intention was based around the idea of keeping in time with the beat. All the students demonstrated that they were quite proficient when playing one of our favourite games “Rhythm Detectives”. The students loved keeping in time and singing to an all time favourite “Bananas Bananas”. Below you can see some of them dancing with their partners and singing enthusiastically at the top of their lungs.





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nice work not even i work that hard NOW!!!!!!

Henry c

cute!music must be pretty fun 4 them! 🙂

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