Grade 1/2 Water Safety


Posted by milica | Posted in Integrated Studies | Posted on September 12, 2013

The Grade 1/2 students that didn’t go to swimming lessons this term worked on a really fun Water Safety unit at school with Judy and Ms S.  We learnt all about how to stay safe around the pool, the beach, at home, around rivers and other waterways. In a role-play activity, each group re-enacted a water safety rule and the class had to guess which one it was. We also designed our own water safety posters and learnt all about the different danger and warning signs. Here is some of what we learnt:

I learnt that you should only swim between the red and yellow flags. – Thomas 1/2C

I learnt that you shouldn’t swim in the dark because you can’t see and it can be really dangerous. – Litara 1/2G

I learnt that you need to check how deep the water is before you dive in or you could break your spine. – Sam 1/2K

I learnt that after you finish mopping you should empty the bucket because little kids might drink it or fall into the water. –  Eve 1/2L

I liked working on the water safety signs. – Jessie 1/2K

I loved designing the posters. – Shubhey 1/2G


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From the looks of it, we’ve got some of the smartest, most water-safe kids going around. Good job 1/2’s!

I think your kid are going to be awesome at water safety

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