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Posted by moya | Posted in English | Posted on September 9, 2013

Last week was our first week of spring, how wonderful it was! In Moya’s reading group we talked about the end of winter to help us get ready for the new season. We also read a book called ‘A little bit of winter’ by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. In the story there are two characters, Hedgehog and Rabbit. Hedgehog and Rabbit are friends. Hedgehog spends all winter hibernating from the winter chill. He asks Rabbit to save him a little bit of winter so he can experience it for himself. He even leaves Rabbit a note on a tree to remind him because Rabbit can sometimes be forgetful.

We came up with our own ‘little bits’ of winter we would save for hedgehog. Here is our beautiful work.

and some more ideas….

I would save Hedgehog a lot of soup so we could have some soup together. Edwin

I would have Hedgehog a little bit of snow. Dulcie

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a coat to keep him warm. Romy

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a biscuit and a cup of tea. Tinu

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of hot toast with jam. Shubhey

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of pizza. Thomas Haselgrove

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a tobogganing fun because it is awesome. Goldie

I would save a little bit of soup and buttered bread. Yum, Yum! and a warm drink. 

I would save Hedgehog my christmas tree, if we were in the Northern hemisphere 🙂

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I’m so glad that winter is over – mind you, pizza and tobogganing do sound like fun….

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