Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Posted by moya | Posted in Integrated Studies | Posted on September 19, 2013

Today the Suns group were with Moya to finish off our science water rotations. We learnt about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch which was discovered in 1997. The Garbage patch is a big collection of plastic rubbish floating in the pacific ocean, somewhere between California, Hawaii & Japan. It is where most of the rubbish from land and the ocean ends up. We learnt that 80% of the rubbish is from land (us!) and 20% is from sea traffic. It is huge, twice the size of Texas to be precise. Gigantic! All the rubbish got there because of the circular currents called gyres. It’s really bad for animals as they think it is food and they eat it. We think it’s a big problem and would like to help stop it.

We watched this video too – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Think back to 1997 – you find the garbage patch, what would you do? We came up with these ideas that we would pass on to people from the past (they also help us now too!) –

  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Recycle things when we can
  • Reuse old things when we do craft
  • Put our rubbish in the bin and clean up rubbish when we see it. Use a recycling bin when we see one.
  • Choose tap, drink tap water from reusable bottles.
  • Use reusable containers in our lunches
  • Use plastics that are biodegradable
  • Learn more!

1/2 Comic Capers


Posted by rylee26 | Posted in Art and Craft, English | Posted on September 18, 2013

On Tuesday the 10th of September, Matthew Magain (Sophia’s Dad) visited 1/2C to teach us about making comics.

We learned about:

  1. Frames (the squares that comics are drawn in).
  2. Gutters (the spaces between the frames).
  3. How time can pass between different frames (see the tennis ball pictures).
  4. Different types of speech bubbles and how we can use them in our comics.
  5. Facial expressions (we had a great go at practising lots of different facial expressions as we moved around the room).
  6. How to draw box people.


We are so excited to make our own class comic and are currently drafting our pages this week. Stay tuned for more comic fun.

Some Flick!


Posted by Lauren | Posted in English | Posted on September 17, 2013

Today in 1/2LK we watched Charlotte’s web, on the projector in Moya’s room. We watched it because Moya’s class read the book last term AND then they got six class plus ones. Luckily for 1/2K we always do things together so both classes got to watch it!

The movie is about a spider (Charlotte) who tries to save a pig (Wilbur) from being turned into bacon. The animals in the barn where Wilbur lives, and his human friend Fern all join in to help save Wilbur because they love him.

It was a bit sad in the middle (we won’t tell you why) but we all enjoyed it. We thought the voices of the animal characters were great. In particular, we really liked the cute, funny, little voices of the baby spiders. We thought Tempelton the rat was rude but funny. The escape scene was a bit different to the way it happened in the book. We loved the part where the baby spider’s hatched and when the rat says he’s handsome in the mirror – we laughed! The movie made similar pictures in our head to the book, we recommend you watch it.

It was a lovely way to celebrate the end of an enormous term!


Charlotte, Joel, Maddy, George, Ella, Amelia



Origami jumping frogs


Posted by moya | Posted in Art and Craft, Maths | Posted on September 17, 2013

This morning in 1/2LK we made origami jumping frogs. Our learning goal was to practice measuring in formal units, collect data and make a graph. It was great fun and helped us develop our fine motor skills. We worked fantastically well as a team too, helping anyone that got stuck. Once we had finished making them we had a jump off! We measured, using a ruler, how far our frogs could jump. We each did this three times and recorded our frog’s jumps, using centimetres. We then used the data we had collected to create a graph. Some of our frogs were big jumpers, others not so much!


Music Resumes As Normal


Posted by Andrew Williamson | Posted in Music | Posted on September 16, 2013

Three classes of grades 1 and 2s enthusiastically participated in music today and it was great to be able to sing to a different tune. After and term and a half of “Cow On A Bus” rehearsals, the students and I were happy to sings some different song. The learning intention was based around the idea of keeping in time with the beat. All the students demonstrated that they were quite proficient when playing one of our favourite games “Rhythm Detectives”. The students loved keeping in time and singing to an all time favourite “Bananas Bananas”. Below you can see some of them dancing with their partners and singing enthusiastically at the top of their lungs.





Roald Dahl’s Birthday Cupcakes


Posted by Lauren | Posted in English | Posted on September 16, 2013

Here in 1/2LK we made cupcakes to celebrate Roald Dahl’s Birthday which happens on the 13th of September, every year. Roald Dahl is dead now but if he was still alive he would be 96. We love his books so much thought we would still celebrate his birthday.

But we didn’t just make any cupcakes, we made Mrs Twit’s glass eyeball cupcakes! We used white icing for the eyeball, green icing for the iris and and licorice to make the pupil. Gross but cool! We had lots of lovely grown ups helping us – thank you grown ups!

“We made eyeball cupcakes to celebrate Roald Dahl day.” Tom Mc

“I love the taste of the cupcakes.” Milly

“When it was all sloppy, I felt like drinking the whole bowl.” Leila

“I wish I was magic so I could make us hundreds of cupcakes.” Will

“I like the way Roald Dahl’s characters are really horrible.” Mira

“I liked the lemon icing around the green icing.” Vas

“I think when we made the cupcakes we all had fun.” Yasmin

“ The cupcakes tasted dahl-icious.” Claudia (and Will)

“We made cupcakes because it was Roald Dahl’s birthday.” Lydia

“We made cupcakes that looked like Mrs Twit’s glass eyeballs. ”Lola

“I loved making the cupcakes and I think they tasted Roald Dahl great!” Nat

“I learnt it was Roald Dahl’s birthday today.” Joel

“They were scrumdidliumptious!” Mungo

“The mixture looked like a bowl of melted chocolate.” Sam

“I liked how everyone followed instructions.” Maddy

“I liked having the grown ups in to help us make the cupcakes.” Imogen

“I enjoyed making cupcakes with grown-ups and watching the mixture go all chocolatey.” Edwin

“Thank you for letting us make cupcakes.” Edwin

“I like cupcakes and Roald Dahl books.” Amelia

“I like books more than cupcakes.” Nicholas

“I like Roald Dahl books because he uses great words.” Poppy

One Two’s Wild Adventures


Posted by Lauren | Posted in Integrated Studies | Posted on September 16, 2013

The one twos of Bell Primary packed their bags and jumped on the bus, ready for a fun filled day at the Latrobe Wildlife Sanctuary. After a relatively short drive up Plenty Road we arrived full of happiness and excitement! Andrew from the Sanctuary was there waiting for us, along with our parent/grandparent volunteers.

After we ate morning tea and broke up into class groups we for a  lovely stroll through the regrown River Red Gum forest. We saw kangaroos (some of us), some very big old trees (one of them had a scar from the Wurrundjeri people who used the bark to make a raft and the branch looked like a rhino), centipedes and millipedes, a very old car, rainbow lorikeets nesting in trees, ducks, animal poo, wonderful wetlands and beautiful spring flowers. After that we fished for water creatures with dip-nets, designed our own wetland (on paper), practised talking to frogs, learnt about different types of pollution and how long they take to break down, we  looked through microscopes to identify freshwater invertebrates, went on a wildflower walk and we ate our lunch in the Ironbarks Hut.

After a lovely day in the outdoors we hopped on the bus full of chatter but a little bit tired. Before we knew it we’d zoomed back to school. Thanks to all our fabulous helpers and volunteers, we loved having you enjoy the experience with us!

“When we looked under the mats most people saw a skink but I didn’t get to. ” Maddy

“1/2L’s teacher at the Sanctuary was called Mac. ” Ben

“I caught two tadpoles and three bloodworms in my dip-net.” Amelia

“When I looked under the microscope I think I found a giant backswimmer, a tiger beetle and lots of other tiny bugs swimming around.” Sam K

“We saw heaps of kangaroos while we were walking through the sanctuary.” Eve

” Birds were flying around my head.” Arel

“I enjoyed it and I know everybody else did too. We haven’t stopped talking about it.” Jacinta

“Andrew told us to walk like a chicken to not make it too dusty, so Tom and I were singing walk like chicken, instead of walk like an egyptian.”  Liam K

“On the bus on way there I was thinking about what it would look like and what we were going to do.” Lily

“When we went on the bus, I felt sad we were leaving but happy because I had enjoyed myself so much.” Bonnie

“I enjoyed using the microscopes and I even saw kangaroos as we drove out on the bus.” Henry

“When we were walking I could hear the wind blowing softly.” Mira

“I enjoyed doing all the activities, my favourite was fishing with the dip-nets.” Tom Mc

“When we were fishing with the nets I caught a tadpole.” Kyan

“I couldn’t wait to get there, I nearly died with excitement.” Emily

“I liked looking at all the insects and bugs that were under the mats.” Lydia

” I enjoyed the talking like a frog.” Tom C

“We heard lots of frogs throughout the day.” Ruby

“I liked looking in the microscopes.” Jessie

“I learnt there was an insect called a backswimmer. I identified him by using the invertebrates sheet.” Joel

“I caught a bloodworm. It was red.” Abby



Grade 1/2 Water Safety


Posted by milica | Posted in Integrated Studies | Posted on September 12, 2013

The Grade 1/2 students that didn’t go to swimming lessons this term worked on a really fun Water Safety unit at school with Judy and Ms S.  We learnt all about how to stay safe around the pool, the beach, at home, around rivers and other waterways. In a role-play activity, each group re-enacted a water safety rule and the class had to guess which one it was. We also designed our own water safety posters and learnt all about the different danger and warning signs. Here is some of what we learnt:

I learnt that you should only swim between the red and yellow flags. – Thomas 1/2C

I learnt that you shouldn’t swim in the dark because you can’t see and it can be really dangerous. – Litara 1/2G

I learnt that you need to check how deep the water is before you dive in or you could break your spine. – Sam 1/2K

I learnt that after you finish mopping you should empty the bucket because little kids might drink it or fall into the water. –  Eve 1/2L

I liked working on the water safety signs. – Jessie 1/2K

I loved designing the posters. – Shubhey 1/2G


Reading rotations


Posted by moya | Posted in English | Posted on September 9, 2013

Last week was our first week of spring, how wonderful it was! In Moya’s reading group we talked about the end of winter to help us get ready for the new season. We also read a book called ‘A little bit of winter’ by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. In the story there are two characters, Hedgehog and Rabbit. Hedgehog and Rabbit are friends. Hedgehog spends all winter hibernating from the winter chill. He asks Rabbit to save him a little bit of winter so he can experience it for himself. He even leaves Rabbit a note on a tree to remind him because Rabbit can sometimes be forgetful.

We came up with our own ‘little bits’ of winter we would save for hedgehog. Here is our beautiful work.

and some more ideas….

I would save Hedgehog a lot of soup so we could have some soup together. Edwin

I would have Hedgehog a little bit of snow. Dulcie

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a coat to keep him warm. Romy

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a biscuit and a cup of tea. Tinu

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of hot toast with jam. Shubhey

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of pizza. Thomas Haselgrove

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a tobogganing fun because it is awesome. Goldie

I would save a little bit of soup and buttered bread. Yum, Yum! and a warm drink. 

I would save Hedgehog my christmas tree, if we were in the Northern hemisphere 🙂

Hello Spring!


Posted by Lauren | Posted in Art and Craft | Posted on September 3, 2013

How about that weather! We decorated our season tree with beautiful Mexican paper flowers here in 1/2LK. Happy Spring!!!






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