1/2LK’s swimming adventures


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Every Thursday the 1/2s go swimming at the Northcote Aquatic Centre. It’s really cool because we get to go on a bus. When we get there we get changed, really quickly, out of our school clothes and make sure our socks are in our shoes and our towels are on top. We are all in different groups for our lessons. We have green, blue, purple, orange, yellow and pink groups. These groups are so we all get the ‘just right’ swimming for us. Some groups have even gone in the outside pool and the deep end. We do lots of cool things like torpedos, chicken-aeroplane-soldier stroke, backstroke and freestyle. When we are finished we get out, wrap our towels around us and get changed in the changerooms. We are really good at looking after our belongings. Once we are dressed we sit down, eat our snack and wait for the bus. Swimming makes us really hungry and a bit tired but we have lots of fun!

Swimming is the best thing about school for me at the moment. Joel

I learnt how to go underwater, I can even play rock, paper, scissors underwater too. You should try it! Vas

I like swimming because the teachers are really nice. Mira

I learnt how to do a torpedo. Henry W

I can do chicken, aeroplane, soldier. Did you know that’s survival backstroke? Romy

I like swimming because I get to practice being brave. Anna

I learnt how to swim much better. Kyan

I like swimming at school because it helps me get better at the things I have already learnt. Goldie

I learnt how to do an underwater handstand. Ruby

I can do backstroke now! Cooper

I learnt that even though you don’t want to do something sometimes its good to try. Leila

I learnt how to do a backward torpedo. Liam Mc

I have learnt how to do a tumble turn and it will help me when I swim laps. Liam K

I learnt how to do a forward somersault underwater. Abby

Even if we are feeling unsure the teachers always help us have a go. Caspian

I learnt how to swim in the deep end. Violet L

I like swimming because the teacher lets me have fun. Elli

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The level of joy that swimming with friends, and riding on a bus, has amazed me. What a marked improvement in swimming confidence. Brilliant effort swimming and class teachers.

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