Gorillas and Icecubes


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Today, in 1/2K we solved a gorilla problem! We used division. We started with a story.

It was a hot day at the zoo. Jemal the primate keeper decided to give the gorillas a treat. He went to the freezer and took out a big tray of ice cubes and tipped them into a big bowl. There were 24 icecubes in the bowl and Jemal shared them out amongst the gorillas so that each gorilla got the same amount of icecubes (he had to make sure they all got the same amount or the gorilla that missed out would have a tantrum and gorilla tantrums are not good). There we no ice cubes left in the bowl.

How many gorillas could have been in the gorilla enclosure on that hot day?

We used buttons to solve the problem and we worked out our answers on mini whiteboards.

We came up with lots of different answers!




“I enjoyed counting out the buttons – it was challenging.” Kyan

“Lauren and I worked out a good way to share out the buttons. We put one button with each gorilla until all the buttons were gone.” Taj

“We did twenty four divided by numbers that made equal groups. I could have found more ways if I had switched my number sentences around.” Edwin

“You can switch the number sentences around to give you a new answer.” Ethan

“I didn’t know you could divide 24 by 3 or 8.” Maddy

“I discovered that most of the odd numbers didn’t work, like 5 and 7.”Leila

“The second number in a division number sentence is the amount you divide it into.” Liam K

“When you flip the number sentence you get two answers for the price of one!” Eve




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