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Posted by moya | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on August 20, 2013

Across 1/2 we have weekly class meetings. Within these class meetings we discuss things that are going well in our classrooms, talk about problems in yard and how we can solve them, brainstorm ideas about how we could improve things in our classrooms and work on strategies to help solve any problems we might have. We also celebrate successes, thank people for their help and compliment people who are working hard on their goals. Everyone has the opportunity to share and be part of the group. Class meetings have become a wonderful part of our week in 1/2, where we have the opportunity to ‘check in’ and reflect on our class communities.

Here is an activity conducted in a class meeting, everyone wrote kind thoughts about each other.

“It made us all feel really warm and happy.”

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What a lovely activity! 🙂

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