Skittle Maths


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This week, 1/2G continued to explore number and place value with some fun maths activities using Skittles. We worked on understanding how many groups of ones, tens and hundreds were in our different numbers. We practised writing our numbers in lots of different ways and even made number sentences using our special Skittles number. Thanks to Lauren for sharing such a fantastic activity!


Water Creatures Presentation


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Grade 1/2 were treated to a very special presentation on Water Creatures and their Habitats by our resident animal expert Kellie (Nicholas’ Mum from Grade 1/2T). This tied in perfectly with all the learning we’ve been doing about Water during our integrated unit on Sustainability this term. Kellie taught us how some of the features of certain animals help them live and survive in and around water. Did you know that most sea creatures have a streamline body to make it easier for them to move through the water? Or that fish drink saltwater and eliminate the salt through their gills? We learned so much. Thanks Kellie!


Sea Monkeys


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We have been wanting a class pet for ages in 1/2LK. This week we finally got one! On Monday we began our quest to grow sea monkeys. Here are the things we did to complete step 1.

First you add water to the tank.

Then you add the water purifier.

Stir the purifier into the water until it dissolves. Wait 24 hours until adding the sea monkeys.

1/2LK’s swimming adventures


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Every Thursday the 1/2s go swimming at the Northcote Aquatic Centre. It’s really cool because we get to go on a bus. When we get there we get changed, really quickly, out of our school clothes and make sure our socks are in our shoes and our towels are on top. We are all in different groups for our lessons. We have green, blue, purple, orange, yellow and pink groups. These groups are so we all get the ‘just right’ swimming for us. Some groups have even gone in the outside pool and the deep end. We do lots of cool things like torpedos, chicken-aeroplane-soldier stroke, backstroke and freestyle. When we are finished we get out, wrap our towels around us and get changed in the changerooms. We are really good at looking after our belongings. Once we are dressed we sit down, eat our snack and wait for the bus. Swimming makes us really hungry and a bit tired but we have lots of fun!

Swimming is the best thing about school for me at the moment. Joel

I learnt how to go underwater, I can even play rock, paper, scissors underwater too. You should try it! Vas

I like swimming because the teachers are really nice. Mira

I learnt how to do a torpedo. Henry W

I can do chicken, aeroplane, soldier. Did you know that’s survival backstroke? Romy

I like swimming because I get to practice being brave. Anna

I learnt how to swim much better. Kyan

I like swimming at school because it helps me get better at the things I have already learnt. Goldie

I learnt how to do an underwater handstand. Ruby

I can do backstroke now! Cooper

I learnt that even though you don’t want to do something sometimes its good to try. Leila

I learnt how to do a backward torpedo. Liam Mc

I have learnt how to do a tumble turn and it will help me when I swim laps. Liam K

I learnt how to do a forward somersault underwater. Abby

Even if we are feeling unsure the teachers always help us have a go. Caspian

I learnt how to swim in the deep end. Violet L

I like swimming because the teacher lets me have fun. Elli

Gorillas and Icecubes


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Today, in 1/2K we solved a gorilla problem! We used division. We started with a story.

It was a hot day at the zoo. Jemal the primate keeper decided to give the gorillas a treat. He went to the freezer and took out a big tray of ice cubes and tipped them into a big bowl. There were 24 icecubes in the bowl and Jemal shared them out amongst the gorillas so that each gorilla got the same amount of icecubes (he had to make sure they all got the same amount or the gorilla that missed out would have a tantrum and gorilla tantrums are not good). There we no ice cubes left in the bowl.

How many gorillas could have been in the gorilla enclosure on that hot day?

We used buttons to solve the problem and we worked out our answers on mini whiteboards.

We came up with lots of different answers!




“I enjoyed counting out the buttons – it was challenging.” Kyan

“Lauren and I worked out a good way to share out the buttons. We put one button with each gorilla until all the buttons were gone.” Taj

“We did twenty four divided by numbers that made equal groups. I could have found more ways if I had switched my number sentences around.” Edwin

“You can switch the number sentences around to give you a new answer.” Ethan

“I didn’t know you could divide 24 by 3 or 8.” Maddy

“I discovered that most of the odd numbers didn’t work, like 5 and 7.”Leila

“The second number in a division number sentence is the amount you divide it into.” Liam K

“When you flip the number sentence you get two answers for the price of one!” Eve




Water cycle


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Our focus this term has been wonderful water and all the exciting things that go with it! Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the water cycle and all the ‘tion’ words that go with it – evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. We even have our own water cycle experiment set up in the classroom and are watching it closely. Here is some of our fabulous work!







Choose Tap!


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This term, Grades 1 and 2 have been looking at WONDERFUL water!!!! Once a week we’ve been switching teachers and looking at different aspects of water science.

The group in Lauren’s room have been talking about why we should drink tap water not bottled water.

We watched this video about the bottled water industry.



Here are some of the reasons why we should always choose tap:

“Plastic bottles are bad for the environment and when they aren’t recycled properly they can make a posiounous gas.” Sam

Sometimes the bottles end up as rubbish in other places.” Ella VR

“Choosing tap water saves you money.” Eve

Tap water is better than bottled water because it might even taste better.” Zain M


We made some colourful posters to remind people to choose tap water. Have a look for them hung up around the school and remember to…. choose tap!


Class Meetings


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Across 1/2 we have weekly class meetings. Within these class meetings we discuss things that are going well in our classrooms, talk about problems in yard and how we can solve them, brainstorm ideas about how we could improve things in our classrooms and work on strategies to help solve any problems we might have. We also celebrate successes, thank people for their help and compliment people who are working hard on their goals. Everyone has the opportunity to share and be part of the group. Class meetings have become a wonderful part of our week in 1/2, where we have the opportunity to ‘check in’ and reflect on our class communities.

Here is an activity conducted in a class meeting, everyone wrote kind thoughts about each other.

“It made us all feel really warm and happy.”

Barber of Seville


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Grade 1/2 students were very excited to join the rest of the school in welcoming Opera Australia for the Barber of Seville performance. During our Italian rotations we spoke about the story, setting and main characters of the opera. We also learned about some of the voices and musical terminology found in opera and how language can be used with music. We had lots of questions for the performers after the show. We found out that opera singers train for years and years and need to practice special singing techniques to make sure they look after their voices.

Place Value Game


Posted by bettytzelepis | Posted in Maths | Posted on August 13, 2013

Ready?  Steady… Go!

We have been doing lots of place value investigations.
We have been investigating all the different ways of showing the numbers from 1 to 10.
To consolidate our knowledge we have been timing ourselves to see how long it takes us to complete a number data chart.

Our fastest time in 1/2T  so far is 3 minutes and 1o seconds.

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